Two referring schemas

I have two schemas, each of which refers to the other. Thus, I can’t define them in Tamino because the other isn’t defined yet.

The first schema is the RDF schema with extensions (brought in from the second schema).

The second schema has attribute references to rdf:reference (brought in from the first).

The first schema must have the root node be RDF and the RDF namespace. The second schema also must maintain the rdf:reference attribute and namespace.

Is there any way to get this to work?

Hi Joel,

[as far as I know] you can’t define schemas which have unresolved references, so cyclic references can only be resolved by breaking the cycle.

If you change one of the schemas (let’s call it “A”) so that it doesn’t refer to the other (which we will call “B”), it will be possible to define “A”, after which it you can define “B”.
Once “B” is defined, you should be able to re-define “A” so that it contains the references to schema “B”.

This is almost certainly easier to explain than it is to actually accomplish, as there are bound to be complexities with the specific schemas…

Are there particular reasons why two separate schemas are being used? (Will there perhaps be a number of other schemas which use the RDF schema? Different target namespaces in the two schemas?)
If not, I think the simplest solution would be to avoid the cyclic references by lumping everything into a single schema.