XML:DB API for tamino


I am looking for the experimental XML:DB API for tamino.

thanks !


We are working on a version of a XML:DB API for Tamino. It is not yet finished. We will make it available as soon as it is finished and tested. It will downloadable from the Community as freeware.

Christof Braun
Tamino R&D
Software AG

Hi Amit,

why are you looking for an XML:DB implementation for Tamino - is there a customer requesting this?


Hi trevor,

There is a new jdbc driver available that works in conjunction with XM:DB API to query XML datasources. I wanted to see how it would work with Tamino. You rightly guessed…It is for an end customer (if it all works :slight_smile: )

Thanks !


Hi Amit,

interesting! Could you please post a URL for this driver, and the findings of your basic testing?

I’m not entirely clear: is the customer requesting XML:DB or JDBC?