Regarding using Merant Driver with Tamino

Hi All,

I have got an application tool which uses JDBC methods to store in RDBMS.I want to connect to Tamino DataBase thro Merant Driver as it is given in documentaion
but i want to know how to use the driver with Tamino using JDBC
Kindly Help


Is their an API for JDBC with Tamino?
Because the ResultSet in JDBC is used to retreive information from a RDBMS with table like results.
Can you use it to retreive and navigate an XML document?
Thank for the clarification

Currently there is no JDBC driver for Tamino to access XML data. The Merant driver is used to access the SQL datastore of Tamino which is completely separate to the XML datastore of Tamino despite the fact they live in the same physical database.

You need to be licenced to the use the SQL data store - the licence that you get has the SQL option turned off and you need to contact Software AG in order to get an SQL enabled licence.