XML Adapter

We have been using the XML Adapter with v7 of EntireX to retrieve information from Adabas on the mainframe. With v8, we do not see the equivalent of a Generate XML Adapter. Can someone explain what is the equivalent with v8 of EntireX Designer? The Generate XML Adapter was done with EntireX Workbench.

I saw the ability to generate java classes from IDL in v8. For our case, we have a series of XML document that we want to push to The Natural subprogram on the mainframe for processing. How to do this without involving SOAP call?

Many thanks in advance.

In the 7.1.1. Release Notes you will find the following in the section titled XML Wrapper:

The XML adapters generated by EntireX Workbench have been replaced with XML Mapping Files (XMMs).

Details on the XML Wrapper can be found here: