Generate an XML-File on a Mainframe


we are using Nat 4.1.4 without any EntireX or Tamino, but we now have the task to generate XML-Files on our Mainframe.

Of couse we can do that with “compress” - way.

But is there an easyer posibilty? My vision is that i only have to define the xml-structure in an LDA and the Natural-Command generates the xml-file out of the LDA-structure and the variable names.
the LDA:
1 catalog
2 catalog_id (a) dynamic
2 article (1:*)
3 article_id (a) dynamic
3 article_title (a) dynamic

and the Data:
catalog_id := “BMECAT 1.2”
article_id(1) := “123”
article_title(1) := “test”
article_id(2) := “456”
article_id(2) := “test2”

should result in the xml-file:

<catalog_id>BMECAT 1.2</catalog_id>

123 test 456 test2

Is there a simple way to reach this aim? :?

Has anyone a good tutorial for the xml-features with natural 4.1 ?


Hi Christian,
You should take a look at the “XML Toolkit”, and the part about
“Using a Natural Data Area as Data Source”.
In 414 you can generate some copycode for creating the XML.
If you have SPOD there is a GUI-wizard for doing this (I’m not sure it was in 61 but at least there is in 6.2)