Generate XML Object from Internal Table - Mainframe

Good Day

Can someone please help I need to create an XML Object on the mainframe which needs to be passed Entire X Broker and be accessed in Excel.

The Broker and Excel side is sorted. Is there an easy way to create an XML Object that can be passed from the mainframe without using a lot of compress statements?

i will appreciate any help in this regard.


Why a “lot”. You can use a single COMPRESS to create a string with basically unlimited values. You could even “hide” the possibly long COMPRESS by using copycode, or you could put the COMPRESS in a subprogram; but this would be quite inefficient compared to copycode.


I would clearly go for an RPC solution where you expose a natural subprogram asl as a webservice using the webservice wrapper (Axis2).
In this scenario you would make the natural->XML mapping in the EntireX mapping tool.