Creating a XLS file using Natural

I need some help regarding writing a file in XLS format or converting it from txt to xls format uing natural or JCL.

I am converting a SAS program which generate some report and FTP it to PC. I am using natural instead of SASand using the same FTP details.

Problem here is SAS has something called ‘ODS HTML’ thing which is used to wtire the data into xls format. Which means after FTP report is in xls format. But when using natural i could only write it into CSV format.

Does natural provide some similar function?

File from SAS
See attachment - Capture

File from natural

I am using 8.2.4 version of natural


I don’t believe that this is possible for Natural on the mainframe; CSV format is as close as you’ll get. Natural for Windows can handle it quite easily.

I don’t know of a good way to create XLS format in Natural, but creating the spreadsheet in XML format may be an option for you. Below is a link to some more information on it. Using XML format has some limits but you can do many common things such as row/column/cell/font formatting, formulas, worksheets, filtering, etc. I’ve devloped applications that create a wide variety of Excel spreadsheets, completely within Natural, this way. It can be clunkly, but if you have to keep it entirely in Natural, it may be an option.


TOOLKIT (open source) allows you to generated a program that can do TSV/CSV extract on any ADABAS file.

PS I am about to release V4.7 within the next month or so …