XML Adapter Error

Hi, all:
I’m trying to test my first integration. I’m getting the following error from the XML Adapter that appears in the Adapter Error Tool:

(200) Unable to move the file from ‘/home/input/jjdtst1.xml’ to ‘/home/work/jjdtst1.xml_06142002_123259_831’

Does anyone know where/how I can find out exactly what the error means???

Any help would be appreciated…

First thing that comes to mind is checking that the user that the adapter monitor runs as has permissions to write to /home/work.

If the access rights are fine, if you don’t append a time stamp (a select option on the configured operation properties), the file won’t be moved from the ‘working’ directory to the ‘complete’ directory.

Hi there, I have just browsed the archives and came up with your RFI. We have just been through the process of integrating the AS/400 with other systems and would be happy to provide any info I can.
Best regards,