XCBL20 document type

Hello All,

I’m running WM6.1 an C1 OnRamp.
I’m facing an issue with XCBL version 2.0 : I can not get a document type for this version.
From xcbl.org I only find DTD that refers to other DTDs, and WMDevelopper is not abble to use it (DTDs on my PC, WMDev on server, also tried all from the server, in vain).

My Questions :

  • would anyone have the documents types for XCBL2.0 ? (warning : the “PurchaseOrder/PurchaseOrder/OrderHeader/POIssuedDate” element must be a string NOT a document as in “WmxCBL.com.commerceone.CBL.n1_0:PurchaseOrder”
  • would anyone have a xsd to build the documents types from



I was able to download all the XCBL 2.0 DTDs from here:

The section labled “xCBL 2.0 Components (XML DTD version)”. Download the zip file, extract the DTD files to a directory.

When importing the DTDs to create document types, import CBL.DTD, then select the element from the list that you want (i.e. PurchaseOrder).

Guys - WM provide a package called WmxCBL.zip with pre-imported xCBL 2, 3 and 3.5 record structures.


Oops, I see you should have the package already Rangoon.

I’m puzzled by this message you quoted:
(warning : the “PurchaseOrder/PurchaseOrder/OrderHeader/POIssuedDate” element must be a string NOT a document as in “WmxCBL.com.commerceone.CBL.n1_0:PurchaseOrder” .

In my copy of WmxCBL.zip, the record “WmxCBL.com.commerceone.CBL.n1_0:PurchaseOrder” has a string in the following XPath: (which I cut-pasted from developer)

BTW, for mapping conveninence, we generally use the ‘WmxCBL.com.commerceone.CBL.n1_0:__PurchaseOrder’ record instead (with the leading underscores). The same XPath then becomes:

Rangoon -

Whenever I’ve run into problems with Devloper not liking a DTD, I use a tool like XMLSpy to convert the DTD to a Schema, and then usually webMethods will create the documents I want from the Schema.

Its good idea though.