XCBL handling


Does webMethods handles cXMl docs as XMl docs. Do I need to download any specific adapters? .


I’m not sure whether you’re asking about cXML or xCBL, but WM handles both. You can simply import the respective DTD or schema (search the forums for issues and workarounds in doing this with previous IS versions)

Alternatively, if you need to exchange documents using the full protocols defined by CommerceOne or Ariba, you can simply install the webMethods adapters for these. The CommerceOne OnRamp adapter gives you xCBL and CommerceOne envelope support - it’s WmxCBL.zip package contains the record definitions for xCBL 2, xCBL 3 and xCBL 3.5. The Ariba OnRamp adapter support Ariba cXML 1.2+ .

About the WmxCBL.zip package …

… we plan to use xCBL schemas to create IS DocumentTypes, but we won’t be using CommerceOne to exchange documents with partners.

Does anybody using the WmxCBL.zip package know of any other reason that this package could be useful to us?

I’d imagine you could use the record structures in WmxCBL to support ‘direct’ xCBL (i.e. no CommerceOne headers) - it would save you the trouble of generating the records yourself. One thing to look out for is the package has a startup service that calls a service in the WmMarketConnect package:

Disabling this startup service should remove the dependency.