xml document can not be queried

webMethods 6.1

I am very new to xml portion of web methods.

  1. I have an xml document my TP insists is fine.
  2. I load the file and try to Test Query the elements to get document recognition to take place.
  3. All of my Test Queries FAIL

I have attached the document changing only the TP name. I really appreciate the comments and I will ask my TP to view the article.

Thanks in advance
C Hill

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I you repost the XML again we can have a look at it.

Also, can you provide an example of one or more of the XQL queries that are failing?

Can you upload your test XML and also TN identification/extract queries that you have setup.At what part of your triplet is failing Sender/Receiver/Doctype?? Is correct processing rule in place?

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More information on the issue wm 6.1

  1. I trying to create a new document type xml
  2. I choose File and pull in the file I have attached
  3. I click on a field to create a query and run “Test Query”
  4. No matter where I click it says not a valid query for this document
  5. I have gone out on the net and pulled an example of a xcbl order
  6. From the example I downloaded I can Test Queries and they have succeed.
  7. I really can’t explain to my TP WHAT IS WRONG with the format they are sending I only know SOMETHING is wrong with it.

Thanks again
C Hill
wmUserTest.xml (5.23 KB)

For anyone to be able to debug your queries, you’re going to need to post them! The xml doc is only one half of the material needed to debug.

  1. From the Document Type ICON
  2. New Docment XML
  3. File icon
  4. load file
  5. expand the file out
  6. choose any xml item you want… OrderIssueDate
  7. hit the test query button
  8. you will get “This is not a valid query for this document error” on EVERY element you choose.

I really don’t know how to get you a query other then using the test query.
The item below is what goes in the Edit Identifying Query before I run the hit the Test Query. I am not sure if this qualifies??


Yes, the identifying query is what we were after. That’s what is used when you hit the Test Query button. You’re using the presence of the OrderIssueDate to identify this as an Order? Seems a bit odd but may be okay.

The sample document you posted declares a default namespace of “Order”. Your query is using a namespace identified by prefix0. Associate prefix0 with the “Order” namespace by declaring it on the Namespaces tab and your query should work. Or, you can get rid of the namespace label in your query. Which approach to use depends on how many partners send this type of document and if they use different namespaces.

You might want to review the TN documentation for more info on setting up TN doc types and queries.

Why are you using namespace prefix in your query?? Isnt that should be

Any reason of your using OrderIssueDate as recognition element…Isn’t it from OrderParty (Buyer or Seller etc…)


No matter what I queried on I was getting an error. So I choose something/anything to get my point out.

reamon said "The sample document you posted declares a default namespace of “Order”. Your query is using a namespace identified by prefix0. "

This helped me get a query working. I am really having difficulty with this… My trading partner keeps sending new documents for me to try and each time I have to create a new document type. I need some clarification. So… I am reading and when I can ask a question that will result in an answer I understand I will be getting posting again.

Thanks once again