Xapplication doesnt see my plugin

I have some plugins working fine with Xapplication 3.1.1
I want to upgrade to Xapplication 4.1.1 and use those plugins in new version too here is what I do and the excception I get :
I have written the description of my plugin as can be seen in the attached xml file.
and the structure of my java method is as follows :

public static void appendSelect(Element elem, BusinessDocument doc, String name)
throws XException
BusinessNode node = doc.getBusinessNode(elem); …

I get this exception when I try to use this plugin :

There is no action with the specified name. Look at X-Application’s JSP documentation for predefined actions or plug in your own action with the specified name

the stacktrace is :

id = 216 arg[0] = addSelect arg[1] = class com.softwareag.xtools.xapplication.businessdocument.OccurrenceNode arg[2] = Case
at com.softwareag.xtools.xapplication.plugin.Dispatcher.execute(Dispatcher.java:162)
at com.softwareag.xtools.xapplication.jsp.SessionContext.processElementAction(SessionContext.java:430)
at com.softwareag.xtools.xapplication.jsp.taglib.ModuleTag.processElementAction(ModuleTag.java:328)
at com.softwareag.xtools.xapplication.jsp.taglib.ModuleTag.doStartTagCore(ModuleTag.java:96)

X-Application Version: 4.1.1,
Tamino Version : 4.1.1,
Platform : Win2k,
WebContainer : Tamocat 4.1.1,
JDK Version :

I thought it might be helpful to refer the way I use the plugin in my jsp.
Here is it :

<xapp:elementaction type=“addSelect” select=“.” extselect=“xapp:seq(1)/xapp:child(4)” arg=“newControl” form=“form1”>
Add Select Control

I was wrong about writing the problem. I solved it Thanks…