Implementing the plugins

First of all I want to thank for this wonderful plugin concept.
Through this concept I have been able to implement many big problems I used to have.
Though I still have some problems using the plugins.
I can add a plugin for an Element and change/check its value when its value is being set.
I tried to add a plugin to do some work before a document is commited but didnt work :frowning:
I thought it should be like this but didnt work :


where Hasta is the name of my schema.

For historical reasons, commit and commitAll are workspace plugins. Please have to look at the default plugins defined in src/com/softwareag/xtools/xapplication/jsp/standard-xapplication.xml.
If you search for “commit” or “commitAll”, you’ll see how we implemented the default functionality.


Software AG Germany, Darmstadt

I have successfully added the plugin for commiting document.
Now I have another problem.
I have a plugin like this :

<action name=“remove”

in the hitit.Hitit.removeTani method I try to get the parent node of this Tani node like this :

BusinessNode par = node.getParent();

but this always return NULL

do you know why this happens ?
My schema is like in the attached document
Hasta.TSD (12.2 KB)

I had a look at our getParent() method … it looks fagile() …

Is is possible for you to operate on get JDOM tree instead of using BusinessNodes? JDOM’s getParent() method is probably more reliable.


Software AG Germany, Darmstadt