XA transaction error

IS 10.5

Hi guys,

I need your help.

we have a service in our environment. This service runs without problems in QA. We took it live a while back and tested there end to end before exposing it to customers. We have been getting the following errors since we opened it for customers. Dont know what has changed and what might be causing it and why it worked before in prod (and still works in QA) but all of a sudden started giving this issue:

Steps involved: (Its a scheduled jobs which runs every 5 mins)

  1. Get the file from source sftp
  2. place it to a destination sftp directory
  3. Archive the file in the source sftp site
  4. write an entry in DB2 (Thats where we are getting this error and nothing gets written. We are using am insert JDBC adapter service which is generic and has already been used everywhere else in the system without any issues)

|[SCC.0121.0990E] XA Transaction Logging: commitResources-IllegalStateException for xid: ISPRD_5500/1645078574468 → java.lang.IllegalStateException: commit failed. more than one local transaction enlisted.|Stack trace data …|2a79cd6f-ba59-4d53-bad8-57f0dd4a4fee|2a79cd6f-ba59-4d53-bad8-57f0dd4a4fee|c0245052-70b7-4e69-9ce6-9b48b9509006|

|2022-02-17 16:16:00 SAST|hyphen.utils:fileTransfer||[SCC.0121.0034E] commit failed: more than 1 local trans enlisted. xid = [FormatId=45744, GlobalId=ISPRD_5500/1645078574468, BranchQual=2] rxid = {2}|

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.




We had this error in some other occurrences where the issue was with more than one LOCAL_TRANSACTIxON connection used in a single transaction context and seems like that is not supported.

“A single transaction context can contain any number of XA_TRANSACTION
connections but no more than one LOCAL_TRANSACTIxON connection.”


Thanks Prasanta. But do you guys perhaps know what may be causing it? In other flow services the same ting is working with absolutely no issues. How did you guys fix it?


Please have a look at the “Implicit Transactions” section from Adapter guide,whether all those recommendations are satisfied in the flow where the transaction is failing, most probably because there are more than one LOCAL_TRANSACTION resources used in the transaction context.

I am not very sure what the reported customer did, because they never returned with an answer.


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