X400 connection and future strategy of SAP BC

Hi there,

i have developed the SAP BC administrator into a working EDIFACT-Converter system.
It works great and wihtout problems.
But is there a possibility to send the files via the x.400 protocol, because most of the german EDI-partners want the messages via the “Telebox” of the Telekom?

And secondly i heard different statements about the future of the SAP Business Connector. Is it correct, that the SAP thinks about to end the Business Connector or will they develop it further??


Dear Bernd,

The SAP Business Connector cannot make a connection directly to the X.400 mailbox. You need separate software to make the connection just like normal EDI solutions. We have developed a solution with Infonet Europe which we call the Uniform EDI Mail Gateway. The SAP Business Connector can make connection using email to the SMTP mailbox of Infonet. Depending on the To-email address the solution will translate the To-address into a X.400 address and submit the message into the X.400 network. Also receiving X.400 messages are translated into a SMTP message and will be placed into the mailbox. The SAP Business Connector can read those messages.

The developments of the SAP Business Connector isn’t stopped (OEM product of webMethods), but SAP is also developing a new own product called SAP XI. This product is build above SAP new Web Application System and will be used as integration layer between the different SAP platforms/product.

I hope this information will help you.

With regards,

Robert Eijpe

NL for Business