EndofLife SAP Business Connector

I’m interested in your opinion about the End-of-Life of
SAP Business Connector, that SAP made public last May 13, 2003.


Barcelona, Spain

Hi there!
I was interested about this, too. I was getting the information, that the SAP supports the Business Connector to June 2006.
SAP NetWeaver TM, SAP XI (with the Converter-Technique of SEEBURGER) will remove the Business Connector.
But how exactly and when…i don`t know…perhaps anyone else??

Talking to a local SAP pre-sales guy (technically adept) about this a few months ago. Although the official strategy is to replace BC with XI, it will be a few years untill they can officially halt support.

XI for external services doesn’t exist yet and Customers will have to upgrade to Enterprise (Web App Server). Many will stay on 4.6C for a few years yet (supported 2005).

It is a similar situation with ITS eventually to be phased out by Portals.

I like Wm-BC and have no interest in doing ANY of this in ABAP!!!


today I found SAP Business Connector 4.7 which is supposed to be last release of it. It is possible to download only 40-bit version for now.

As is in SAP Note 571530 end of support is the same as for WAS 6.40.

I sow some pictures of XI 2.0 which is successor of SBC in mapping part and there will be similar mapping as in SBC (no ABAP), but with addition for manage business processes over multiple systems. Some people call this idea Enterprise Service Bus.

I see problem in migration due to incompatibility. Only XSLT mappings will be transferable.

Anyway my favorite is still SBC.


This decision has certainly caused some concern/questions, especially in my company. We were also expecting licence to expire at the end of 2006 but it looks like we are supposed to be off BC by end of 2004, at least thats what SAPNet says.(I just got the gist from someone else)

We have had a great deal of success using this product to integrate with SAP and I think that many users will continue to use it up to it’s end of life.

My hope is that webMethods will make a seemless transition process available for SAP BC users to pick up the support from when it ends with SAP. This is a great opportunity to pick up “new” customers, don’t waste it.

Does anyone know if XI will support EDI-mapping or if I have to keep BC for this?