SAP Adapter for SAP CRM 4.0

Would like to know whether there are any plans for a SAP CRM 4.0 adapter
or if one of the current sap adapters can already be used for integration to SAP CRM (Not SAP R/3) to external applications.


We have heard that CRM 4.0 will only support XI interfaces, and not
BAPIs like XIF anymore. In this case you would need the webM XI
adapter to integrate CRM 4.0 with other webM products.

You than also would need one (or more) XI servers installed at your
site. These would have to be dedicated machines, as XI server are
very resource hungry.

I might be that SAPs intention to limit future CRM releases to the
XI interface is to push XI into the market. This would force the
customers to purchase and install XI together with their R/3
Enterprise and modules.

Regards, Thomas


I must say that I did not hear anything about CRM supporting only XI, but excluding BAPIs is in contrary with everything that SAP was doing last years. Removing BAPIs means that there will be no other application which will be able to communicate with SAP systems (including CRM 4.0).
There was always statement from SAP that BAPIs are standard for communication and that they never be abandoned. They can only be upgraded.

Also if you look at SAP Business Connector license there is paragraph that you can connect with all SAP systems (for me all WAS based systems are also SAP systems).

In SAP systems TCode SM59 is used for all connectivity with SAP systems (using RFCs) and there will be always possibility to connect with SAP Business Connector or WebMethods products.

Also all ALE, IDOCs communication is so integrated in SAP systems that any dissasebling of that tecnology will produce more pain than gain for SAP.

In that case if you are using BAPIs, I can say that with confidence, you are on safe track. What can be with XI is that in it will be included some “preconfigured” communication settings which will ease implementation of communication. Such packages you can download from for lower releases of CRM/EBP and SAP Business Connector.


Gordan Flego
SAP Business Process Integration Specialist