WSIL in Adabas SOA Gateway

When looking in Eclipse for information on how to use WSIL I can’t find anything.
Where is the wsil stored? How to use it and what to do with it?

Even in the WSIl Explorer I cant find any helpful information.

Any help is appreciate

Best regard :smiley:

WSIL (Web Service Inspection Language) is like a directory of web services available on, or better: exposed by, a specific site.

While UDDI provides for a “centralized” directory, WSIL does it “locally”.

That’s something you’d have to provide :wink:

For a good introduction you might want to take a look at

Hello Wolfgang,
I read this article. What I am interested in is how is it handled in ADABAS SOA Gateway. I cannot find any information. Meanwhile I found how I can import it. But what to do within the WSIL Editor I do not know.


Hi Dago,

with “importing” I assume you are talking about importing a reference to the WSDL into a WSIL from the Eclipse Web Services Explorer ?

It’ll generate something like:

 <description referencedNamespace="" location="http://soagate/adabas/Employees?WSDL">
  <wsilwsdl:reference endpointPresent="true">
  <wsilwsdl:referencedService xmlns:impl="uri://soagate/adabas/Employees">impl:adabasEmployeeService</wsilwsdl:referencedService>

and that’s basically it :wink:

You then simply export that WSIL file to your Webserver, from there it, and all pointers to the exposed service(s),
is available to the outside world (to the Eclipse Web Services Explorer WSIL functions, for example).

The SOA Gateway does not do anything with it, there’s no need to, because the WSIL simply is a directory of services exposed by the Gateway :wink:

One thing the SOA Gateway (Eclipse Administration Toolkit) could do is generate a WSIL from its own configuration files, of course, if that’s what you are thinking of :wink:


I got it a wsil returned from a html meta tag displayed in the WS exploerer.

I will describe it a little bit later.