WSIL access to html

Hi all,

is there anybody out there who can give me some hints how to access a WSIL defined in a html mata tag from a client. For example from the ADA SOA web services explorer or other client and how to get the corresponfing WSDL file defined within this WSIL file.

Thank’s for any hint



  • in your Adabas SOA Gatway Apache htdocs create a file named inspection.wsil with contents similar to this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<inspection xmlns=""
<abstract xml:lang="en-US">

<description referencedNamespace="" location="http://soagate:8082/adabas/EmployeesMini?WSDL">
<wsilwsdl:reference endpointPresent="true">
<wsilwsdl:referencedService xmlns:impl="uri://soagate:8082/adabas/EmployeesMini">impl:adabasEmployeeService</wsilwsdl:referencedService>
  • In the Eclipse Web Services Explorer change to the “WSIL view”, click on “WSIL Main”, enter the URL of your WSIL, e.g. http://soagate:8082/inspection.wsil and click “Go”.

    You then can list the WSIL Services, use the WSDL for exposed servivces etc.


this I have already done - and it works -.

But I heard - and it is also mentioned in the WSIL specification - that one can use the META tag in a HTML page . So I am interested in how to use HTML for that purpose.

Regards Dago

I see :wink:

Well, yes, you can add META tags to your HTML, as in:

    <META name="serviceInspection" content="http://soagate:8082/inspection.wsil">

But to be honest, I have no idea where the real world use for it would be as of now.

The interesting point is that you can reference other wsil files and within those wsil files you can also reference WDLS, UDDI repositories like CentrSite and it works fine.