Wrong timestamp values in external database

we have WM 8.2.2. IS/Mediator is configured to write transaction logs to “DATABASE” (=> oracle table MED_EVENT_TXN). Queries against this table reveal that the values of columns INSERTTIMESTAMP and AUDITTIMESTAMP are (obviously) GMT, whereas GMT+1 would be correct. Looking at all other logs (on “DISK”), these have the correct time values.
Two additional settings:
watt.server.dateStampFmt=yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss z
did not help.
Thanks, Hubert

We observe the same behaviour on our IS 10.5.
Does someone encounter the same problem and has a solution?

Have you compared the timezones of the DB vs IS machines? Are they the same?


Thanks for your quick answer.

We have all layers (IS/DB) with the same timezones UTC+1.

On IS we have no extended property so it takes the timezone of the VM which is UTC+1.
On DB we have the french language which should be the good timezone for Oracle :

The database has a column TIMESTAMP whth no timezone, so it should be considere as default (UTC+1 i guess).

In the DB it should be registered as 16:03… But it’s 15:03

If we read the datetime with TIMEZONE we have :

2 hour less with UTC+0

1 hour less UTC+1 (our timezone)

Good but not our timezones ^^.


if I remember right the values shown in the database are always presented as UTC/GMT (+/-0) regardless of the timezones of the boxes where ISes and DBs are running.

Timestamps in IS log files etc. are showing the corrected value in the local timezone which the box hosting the IS is using.

Eventually this is a displaying issue in SQL Developer.
I have just checked one of my databases and cannot see any bigger differences except for the numeric characters and the NCHAR_CHARACTERSET. We are using the default AL16UTF16 where you have UTF8, our NUMERIC_CHARACTERS are specified as “,.” instead of “,” on your side.
Instead of FRANCE and FRENCH we have GERMANY and GERMAN, but both countries belong to the same timezone.
Greece with its capital city Athens is located one timezone to the east (Eastern European instead of Central/Middle European).


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