Date problem incorrect century

We have several webMethods integrations between SAP and Oracle database, some integrations are working fine, i.e., source date including century matching with destination date. Ex: Source date 12/31/2999; Destination date 12/31/2999. We normally pass this date as a default date when the data is null, system works fine for some integrations, but, for some integrations system is replacing 12/31/2999 with 12/31/1999. In the same integration where we are phasing this problem, if the date is say 10/20/2009 it works fine including century it stores as 10/20/2009.

We believe some NLS settings may be causing this problem, but, I was told that same JDBC connection is being used for all the integrations. Same integration used to work fine before webMethods upgrade, this problem started after Webmehods upgrade. But, again, not sure why some integrations are working fine with new version as well.

Have you ever come accross such strange problem? may I know th solution please?

Really appreciate any help to resolve this isssue.

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