CONNX Natural SQL Gateway

Good morning,

we are evaluating Natural SQL Gateway (CONNX 11.5 SP1) to access from our Natural Programs in Mainframe to a DB2 UDB database.

We are having troubles with DATE fields.

Our Natural programs are expecting the EUR format (DD.MM.YYYY) but through CONNX we are only able to get the ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD).

From Infonaut we can get the different formats modifying the Regional Settings related to date/time in the workstation where we are importing the data definition through CONNX Data Dictionary. We have tried to modify the Native Type to the format that we need, the field is protected and we can’t do it in the DDM.

Do you know how to solve this issue?

We know that with the concat and substr functions we have a chance, but the performance is very poor.

Thanks in advance.

It is usually the application consuming the data’s responsibility to format the date according to the region settings. CONNX returns the date and timestamp to applications in a standard odbc/jdbc date structure, and the application typically uses the regional setting to display the date in the appropriate fashion. It sounds like you may be requesting a date to char conversion to be done by the SQL gateway instead of formatting the date in the app, in this case the date is always converted to ISO format. I would recommend creating a support incident - I think a function can be added quickly and easily to address your need.