Wrapper service for Web Services of different versions.

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I got a doubt regarding the Web Services of different versions. Lets suppose there are two clients A and B. where “A” uses webMethods 7.1.2 and “B” uses webMethods 6.5.

A web service was developed in environment “B”. Can this web service developed in “B” used as it is in environment “A” or do we need to write a wrapper service for this web Service and then use it in environment “A” ? can someone please tell me what the wrapper service is and what the logic we need to use in this case?

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you said you have partner A and B, B creates a webservice, i hope by creating you means hosting as provider… yes webservice hosted on 6.5 can be consumed by another environment on 7.x … do let me know if you are asking for something else.


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wow, is it we can directly consume the web service that was created in 6.5(B) in 7.1.2(A) environment. how about a web service that is created in 7.1.2 (A), can it be directly used in 6.5 environment without a wrapper service?

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yep, get the wsdl url or file from the provider environment and create a WS descriptor for consumer using the same WSDL url/file and this will genereate you all the WS components say documents,schema and connector… and you can use the connector to execute the service hosted as webservice at provider end.

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oh wow, is it, so in both the ways we can proceed in our regular way to create consumer WSD from WSDl. Some one misguided me saying that we need to create a wrapper service to use the web services in both the cases.

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As far as I know, any web service created in 6.5 can be consumed in wm 7.1 or later, however since wm 7.1 supports SOAP 1.2 (6.5 only supports SOAP 1.1) and also inbuilt support for WS securities, a web service exposed on wm 7.1 might need some amount of additional development in case you want to consumed them on 6.5.