difference between WebMethod6 and Web Method7

hello All,
I want to know what is the difference between wm6 and wm7?

please reply me if any body knows.

Thanks in Advance
Istiyak Vasiwala

which webMethods 6 sub-version ?

Indeed there are a lot of differences between :

  • webMethods 6.1 and webMethods 6.5 (6.5.1, 6.5.2 …)

webMethods 7 include new features (some of them are not yet released or integrated) :

  • What webMethods calls “Guided Process Improvement” is a enhancement of the existing Optimize products which have been renamed. It is still related to functional and systems monitoring
  • Unified Design tool called webMethods Designer
  • Assets management (Inference technology through Cerebra)
  • Embedded Rules Management engine (Fair Isaac Blaze Advisor)
  • SOA governance with Infravio X-Registry and X-Broker (not yet integrated)

I invite you to visit webMethods Advantage website for more details.


when is developer 7.0 slated to be released? what new features can we expect from development perspective. I heard eclipse is to be integrated into the development UI. Is it true? I have searched advantage but couldnt find much info there.

From what I can tell from the roadmap presentations, IS 7.1 and Developer 7.1 will be out in the next few months (Q3-Q4 2007) unless they are delayed further. Developer 7.1 will not be Eclipse-based.

The IW 2006 presentation “Integration Today and Tomorrow Part 2” covers planned features for IS 7.1 and Developer 7.1. The IW 2006 presentations are available in PDF form in the Advantage - IW 2006 - Presentations By Day area.


I am aware that WM6.0 documentaion says that * one IS can only talk to a single broker.
Is this also true in case of WM6.5 version also?
Has webmethods tried to consider allowing one IS to connect to mutiple brokers.



Yes. Elected not to do this.