Working with webservice contain Dataset in input/output

Hi everyone,
Happy new week,
I have some question about “Webservice contain dataset”, I tried to find in forum, but I failed.
1. Service outbound return a dataset
Example: public Dataset getCustomerList(StringList idList)
Output dataset is a table contain customer information. IS will consume this service, in IS, I can’t see document for output so I can’t process output.
How can I get output and process it ?
2. Service outbound need a dataset in the input
Example: public boolean updateCustomerInfo(Dataset customerInfo)
IS will consume and call this service to update customer information.
How can I build the input to call this service in IS?
3. Service inbound contain dataset
public Dataset getCustomerList(StringList idList)
public boolean updateCustomerInfo(Dataset customerInfo)
My partner will consume these services.
How can I process and control these dataset in IS.

Currently, the first issue is the most important. Anyone has any information or any link, topic is useful, please share :slight_smile:
Thanks for reading!

For recent days, I have tried and found the way to resolve the first issue.

  1. Service outbound return a dataset
  • Run service with valid input in Designer, we will get dataset as a combination of documents (Figure runService.jpg).
  • With above datatype, we will build output document for service.
  • Assign output of service to output document. It’s done. (Figure MapService.jpg)
    Note: The instructions are not cleared, but it’ll useful for anyone need.