Working with custom EDI Standard

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I have a custom EDI document structure (derived from EANCOM standard). May I know how can I import this EDI document structure on to webMethods EDI module?

I have a usecase to get EDI documents (following the above structure) from VANs, pass it to Trading Networks and trigger business process instance.

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Hi Raj,

You can define the EANCOM EDI document type in wM TN via Document Types Administration. This will create a flat file schema in the EDIFFSchema folder in the WmEDIforTN package. You can customize by modifying that schema.

This is based on version 8.2.


Hi Mary,

Thanks for the reply. I attempted to create a new EDI document type, but the options are all disabled as shown in the screenshot (the Standard dropdown is empty). I logged in as Administrator (so I’m assuming this should have all privileges). Do you know if any config or any other settings needs update to be able to create EDI document types?

Hi Raj,

I assume this is the first EDI document type you’ve added. It may be an issue with the EDI install. Unless the EDI document type has already been installed in TN, it should appear in the drop down.

I suppose another possibility is that TN Administrator privilege is required and that is not defined in your Administrator login.

I’m currently unemployed and don’t have access to a system, so I’m basing this on recollection and online documentation.


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Hi Raj,

My view :slight_smile:
I remember when I had discussion with SAG regarding with other old TRADACOM 6 version schema, at that time they stated that SAG support only those message and definition which is still supported by EDI authorities, in that case we had to ask customer to migrate on newer version.
In similar case here with custom EDI definition I expect you won’t get much help from SAG other than standard supported documents.
But still if you have customer which are using custom EDI document, derived from standard one then I think you can play with copying EDIschema definition to other
custom EDI documents and then while receiving or sending EDI from/to customer you need to have logic which can use you customized schema rather than standard document.

Kuldeep Gupta

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This thread should likely merge to this other thread on the same topic.

Bottom line is there really is no such thing as “custom EDI documents.” You might try to do something like that but it would work only with other companies that are willing to accept the same custom document (which would look like EDI, but is no longer really an EDI document). VANs won’t support it most likely (not without being paid to do so). Most if not all partners won’t want to as it would require adjustments to their own EDI systems, which may or may be doable or may be painful.

Based upon the other thread, I suspect there really is no need for customization. Just a misunderstanding of what a MIG really specifies.