Structure of EDIINT document


i want to know how to create an EDIINT document structure.

can any one of you help me out.

Hi Leela,
Go to Integration Server Administrator site.
In the Left Panel under Solution tab, click on EDI, a new window will popup.
on the left panel side you will see Doc Exchange Tab in new window. Click on Install New TN Document Types. Select there Standard , Version, and Transaction Set and click on Button Add Document Type Definition to Trading Network.

Hi Wasim,

Thanks for the response.

I want to crate the EDI Schema for EDI FACT FiLE without using WMEDI & trading network.

the one you specified below,we has to use Tradingnetworks&EDI module in integration server.

Please let me know how to proceed in creation of EDIFAct file schema without TN & WMEDI.