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I’m working on a project that requires browser-based workflow pages. Does anyone know if there are any tutorials or samples for Workflow ? All I can find is the documentation ( Workflow_Concepts.pdf and Workflow_User_Guide.pdf ).
We want to use web pages for our Workflow but the only sample we can find is in the User Guide, and this sample is not very complete. Does anyone at webMethods or in the Workflow development group have sample web pages or templates we can use as a starting point ?
The Workflow component seems really interesting however it’s frustrating without examples and/or tutorials.



I would also be very interested in a WorkFlow sample for ver-4.6 of the IS Server

Hi Guys,

Using web pages in a workflow scenario is fairly straightforward.

That being said there are some prerequisites:

1). You need a web server with a servlet engine; iPlanet, Websphere, Apache, etc.
2). You need to configure the servlet (found in the WorkflowServer4/Servlet directory) by unjaring the jar files in the web server’s servlet directory.

3). From the UI side, I would recommend creating your HTML design in an HTML design tool like Dreamweaver.
4). Once completed, create a task in WF. Then, in the “Views” tab on the bottom right, add a view (call it whatever you like) and then select “HTML” as the type of view.
5). Now, from within the task panel view (double-click to get here) you select your view at the top, and drag and drop a panel into the design window from the top. You will be prompted for the location of your (predesigned) HTML page. It will then be imported and you can access it and wire up the data the same way you do with the Swing Java client.

There are a few restrictions to HTML forms that are outlined in the guides.

Hope this helps!

Josh Abrams
webMethods System Engineer

Hi Josh,
Thanks for your info, please explain me in detail how we can configure the servlets.I find so many jar files in the servlet directory of Workflow server. or please guide , which jar file i need to unjar to webserver directory

I’m looking for examples and/or tutorials for Workflow. The delivered documents, Workflow_Concepts.pdf and Workflow_User_Guide.pdf, just doesn’t give me enough information. Can anyone help me get started on this?

I’m running Workflow Designer 6.0.1.

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided!

Best Regards, …Kevin

Hi Kevin, please contact me at my email and I will send you something.



Hi. I just found out that the official Workflow 6 Tutorial is now available on advantage. Here’s the info from Advantage:

Workflow Tutorial 6.0.1

The Workflow Tutorial is a step-by-step tutorial to help you get started with webMethods Workflow. It includes a tutorial document, source code files, and completed project you can import into webMethods Workflow

The Workflow Tutorial can be found in Workflow Central, one of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) on Advantage, under Articles. It can also be found in the webMethods Workflow section of the Bookshelf.

Login to the following URL to download the Workflow Tutorial.



Thanks wayne,It helps us for better understanding of workflow with example…

I am working with Workflow 6 and on ons of my panels I have a JComboBox. I populate this combobox fine with an incoming document list. But now I need to get the selected value as input for a next operation. I don’t know how to get this value - the field should obviously not be a list anymore (for a value is selected), yet this is what is linked to that combobox from the datacontroller.

Hi Buddies,

I too interested in workflow,currently working on a BPM application,but i am new to workflow,pls advise me how to subscribe the broker document and show the contents in a browser environment and get the approval in a browser environment,based on that approval i need to spawn for the sub process and if not raise the inbox content to his superior…

But here my problem is data is not displaying in the browser,but screen is coming,listening for the publish,then triggering the event and i am able to see the tasks,but content is empty,that screen contains 5-6 text boxes.

  1. I tried both ways : through adding broker component in workflow.

  2. In the implementation i import the broker document,

Both the cases the result is same,with empty text boxes.Nowhere i found the details about the same.

if any one of you can advise me with steps ,i will be thankful to u.


I am working on the same kind of project on workflow as mentioned above , kindly somebody advise…

  • Rashi

I could solve this problem of data not being displayed in the textbox , for this in WorkFlow designer, click on the task , map the data controller from the object well with the individual text fields , data links pop up open up , give the field from the imported document , it would solve the problem .

how to implement ErrorHandling in Workflow?? urgent

I want to launch the tutorial workflow by publishing an instance of the OrderRequest document, but the doc contains non-string fields (e.g. OrderQTY=int32). How do I create a valid OrderRequest doc?

The workflow tutorial and samples are now under the Best Practicess/ Samples and Utilities section of advantage at