Workflow deployment failing

I am trying to deploy a workflow project from a win2k box onto a solaris 8 box but am getting a “cannot get your permissions to access projects on remi://” type error in a dialog box. I’ve tried chmod’ing 777 even but still get this error.

The way I am deploying is by using the workflow generator, selecting manual generate, generate all, compile and then deploy. Everything is fine until the deployment phase at which time it seems like it hangs for about 20 minutes and then gives the error dialog box.

Is there a manual way of deploying a workflow project? I don’t want to use the GUI to do it. Thanks.


The Workflow User Guide (Workflow_User_Guide.pdf) in <webmethods_root>\webMethods6\WorkflowClient\doc tells you how to move Workflow projects to other environments without having to recompile them. Have a look at page 218 of the User Guide in the section “Move Projects to Other Environments”. In theory this should work…