Workbench bug when creating source file from idl if the command is spawned on different drive

I am using a batch file to run the workbench to create java source files from IDL, and then to compile them and creating a jar file.
On a previous computer where the workbench was installed on C drive and the the workspace was on C driver it works but when I moved to another machine where the SoftwareAG directories were installed in D drive it stops to work in a very peculiar manner:

The target java source were created in the C workspace as expected but as far as the target directory (specified in the command) is concerned, empty file names were created which means that their content from the workspace was not copied although the output on the screen say it does.

see the following copied lines from my screen:
C:\Idl2Java>call D:\SoftwareAG\EntireX\bin\workbench.bat -java:clientbeancompliant C:\Idl2Java\MYIDL.idl -sourcefolder C:\Idl2Java\src -clientpackage com.x.y.z
Start EntireX Workbench Command-line.
Use ‘-help’ to get command-line help.
Using workspace file:/C:/Users/avi/workspace/.
Processing IDL file C:\Idl2Java\LVESTN01.idl
Creating file C:\Idl2Java\src/com/x/y/z/
Writing to file C:\Idl2Java\src/com/x/y/z/
Creating file C:\Idl2Java\src/com/x/y/z/
Writing to file C:\Idl2Java\src/com/x/y/z/
Creating file C:\Idl2Java\src/com/x/y/z/
Writing to file C:\Idl2Java\src/com/x/y/z/
Exit value: 0

all the above files ( Zclass1, Zclass2, Zclass3) were found as empty - which means the creation phase works fine but the writing operation into the output file stream seems to fail with no error indication.

Contrary to the above, the source files Zclass1, Zclass2, Zclass3 were found completed (with non zero size) in c:\users\avi\workspace\idl2java\src\com\x\y\z directory.

is there any cure ? (besides of moving the installation to drive C )

Note: I’m using version 8.2

Hello Avi,

you might want to check if this error also occurs with a newer version of the Workbench, e.g. 9.5.

If this doesn’t help please contact support.

Thanks Rolf, however we don’t have any version except 8.2 so I can’t do the experiment.

Anyway, I workaround the problem by copying the generated sources files from the the sub-directory beneath the Workspace directory to their required target.

Can you access the old workspace on C from your session accessing the workspace on D? I am guessing you can “import” your projects from the workspace on C into your new workspace and everything will work ok.

One other trick I learned from Amin in support is to start your EntireX Designer client with the -clean parameter. If you copy your normal Designer icon to your desktop and edit the properties associated with that one to have this parameter added, you can run this anytime you have issues with your workspace as a way to resolve many such issues.

Because it adds to the start-up time you don’t want to use -clean normally, though.