Worflow server startup problem

When I try to start the workflow server, I get an error

“Unable to refresh jars from server, please retry later”

Does anyone know how to resolve this problem?



I have the same problem could anyone explain why?


What OS are you running in? There is/was an issue on users running on windows XP. The default ports 5001, 5010, do not work. I run my instance on 9001/9010.

If this is not an issue, then perhaps you didn’t initialize the workflow. There is a workflow configurator that you need to run.

You didn’t mention if this is the first time that you have tried to run workflow. If this is the case, then it is probably not configured.



You need also to check the servermgr.log to see what’s going on.
Using configurator by dropping the table is another option. Make sure
all 9 processes are running.