wmXLTemplate fails

I want to use the wmXLTemplate to acces an WM-Service.
When I ust the template I got the erroe message “out of memory” in the SubRoutine InvokeService at the Statemant “With ogetServerInformation”.
All Modules are imported to the EXCEL-File (Excel2000). The Link to the WM-TypeLib was made and the project was compiled without errors.

Does anybody knows about this problem?
Thanks for any help.



Sub InvokeService()
    Dim ogetServerInformation As New wmClsgetServerInformation
    Dim sErr As String
    Dim fld As String
    Dim ar As Variant
    Dim tbl As Variant 

    On Error GoTo Err_Invoke_getServerInformation

    With ogetServerInformation
        sErr = .getServerInformation()
        If Len(sErr) > 0 Then
          setStatus sErr
          Exit Sub
        End If