Erros 1004 0639

Error when call entireX function from VB6.

I create a object…
Dim oEntireX
oEntireX = CreateObject(“EOL.WRTSTWOL”)

And call a function…
Call oEntireX.WRTSTWOZ(<>)

Then I recive this message:
“Error: 1014 0936 NATURAL RPC Server Error 936 occurred. Lib=WRTSTWOL,Pgm=WRTSTWOZ,(NATURAL Error Info: Program=NATSRVD,Error=0936,Line=8370,Status=O,Level=01).”

What’s this???


Hi Marfil,
This is a natural errormsg. See below.
The natural subprog and the generated DCOM apperently does not agree hvis parameters/format should be used.
I recommend that you doublecheck in both end and perhaps regenerated the DCOM DLL.
regards Finn

NAT0936 Format/length conflict in parameter :1: (:2: :3:/:4:/:5:/:6:).

Format/length conflict in parameter :1: (:2: :3:/:4:/:5:/:6:).
The parameter defined at position :1: in object :3: (of type :2:,
loaded from library :4:, database :5:, file number :6:) does
not match the format/length of the corresponding parameter used to
invoke it.
The following conditions must be met:
- The formats must be equal.
- The lengths must be equal.
- The precisions must be equal.
Check program and correct error.