wMVCS with ClearCase in webMethods 7.1


With wM 7.1, we are looking to use WM VCS and IBM ClearCase as a version control system. While configuring IS for clearcase from admin page
(VCS > Configuration) “clearcase” option won’t appear in the drop down.

I would appreciate any help/suggestion or a reference to previous thread in this regard.


Guys, Fyi… got ClearCase in the config drop down after intallation of wmClearCase package.

Were you able to configure clearcase?? How is your experience?

Nope . We are in a process of installing client on the unix box, after which we will go ahead with configuration.

hello ashu,

Have you done with configuration of clearcase version control in ur environment?
Can you please share your experience?

We need to do it in near future.


hi Mani,

i am still in process of setting up the connection. You may have to wait for a couple of days more.


Hi ,

Do we have to setup any extended settings for this?

  • We did configuration
  • User mapping


There is a extended setting that we need to make as a part of setup.

[FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=4]

Removing the watt.server.ns.backupNodes Setting …

advice you to check the webMethods_Version_Control_System_Integration_Developer’s_Guide_7_1.pdf
for more details.



Were you able to get this thing running properly?

Awaiting your response…


Where is the wmClearcase Package available.
Does this need to be downloaded from the advantage site?
Can anyone tell me the location from where I can get it or does it need to be requested via SR?