WmTransformationServices:DateToString IN AIX Environment


Wm8SP2 installed in AIX OS,deployed the all production code to AIX boxes for POC.

while running one of the floe service which is using WmTransformationServices:DateToString it is resulting diffrent value as a string.

am passing 2013/09/03 0:00:00 CAT as a input and giving back as 9/3/13 12:00 AM but in other environment for same input it is giving correct value as 2013/10/04 12:00 AM.

Can anyone please help do i missing any settings in JVM for this? or missing any extended settings?

If yes, please reply me what settings need to add and where to add.

Thanks and Regards,
Anil Kumar Ellendula

unless you specify the Locale for JVM, JVM is also reading the Locale from OS. Check with your OS admin to find what Locale & date format is configured there.

I’d suggest to control the date format in your code explicitly to avoid such situation.

I tested the same on the wM hosted on AIX box the same result…so option would be to check with sysadmin about locale/date format setting on the OS as is used by IBM JVM…The other option would be make the controlled logic for date format.


Hi rmg/Tong Wang,

Thanks for update.

just checked in AIS OS by typing command >date it is showing correct time and date ,showing south africa time, it is correct.

Regarding to the AIX JVM setting in IBM JVM to point the local /date format setting, what setting to provide in JVM.

One more question regarding IBM JVM, i think Integration server is not using IBM JVM, it is using it’s own JVM i.e /softwareag/jvm/jvm160_64/bin/javac, i don’t see any setting in setenv.sh which is using IBM JVM.

i see in your reply that “The other option would be make the controlled logic for date format”, how to achieve this.

I mean custom date format service logic via pub.date folder services…Did you try that and didn’t work?

Hi rmg,

thanks for reply, as i replied am doing POC in AIX Environment, to check how current production code will perform in AIX Environment, there is lot of place using WmTransformationServices services, so i can’t change existing code,
so please sne where and what settings i need to put it in JVM to make it to work.

Thanks and Regards,
Anil Kumar Ellendula

I would say please check with you AIX sysadmin and not sure if this can be adjusted on the JVM side.

Check with SAG support as well:


i have kept below parameters in setenv.sh under IntergrationServer/bin it is working fine.

if ur using custom wrapper or wrapper config file under profile/IS/configration better use below command in there.

-Duser.language=en -Duser.region=ZA