wmTomcat and JSP in WM 71

Hi All,

I am facing a silly issue, as it may sound, which stopping me to go further.
I am trying to run a web Application in webMethods 71.
I install the web Application as instructed by WM guides.

When i tried to run the home JSP page it doesn’t display anything, not even any error. I am using the URL like
If I create a dummy html file and run http://:port/web/packageName/home.html , then its working.

I am wondering what is going wrong with JSPs.
Are there any settings to be done in IS or wmTomcat pkg to run the JSP files?
Appreciate your suggestions and comments.


To run web application in webMethods 71, make the package dependent on WmTomcat and set the JVM to \webMethods71\jvm\win150 instead of webMethods71\jvm\win150\jre.

To make package dependent on WmTomcat. Right click on the web application Package in Developer. select Open. In the Package Dependency Option give Package name as WmTomcat and version 7.1

To set JVM, open the server.bat/server.sh file and edit the parameter JAVA_DIR= to value mentioned above.