WmtnquerycreateDocumentQuery issue

Hi all,

I have an issue with the service wm.tn.query:createDocumentQuery.
I need to create a query which returns the list of the documents received by the TN before the date that I provide.

In the record list “attribs” I provide “Date Received” but it doesn’t recognize it. I didn’t have this problem when the name of the attribute consisted of one word (e.g. “documentOrderReference”). I tried also the combinations like “DateReceived” and some others, but in vain.

Any ideas?


Did you try dateReceived ?

I am not sure where but there is a post which talks about a Java Service which can be used to append key/value pairs to the attributes record of createDocumentQuery. See if you can come up with something similar to that.

Check how exactly TN names this field and use that. I do not have access to my EAI setup right now otherwise would have done this myself.