I am using the ebXML moduke 7.1.
When I send the payload using the wm.ip.ebxml.MSH:sendUsingTPA service, I only get the messageId back from the service.

I want to update the document attributes for the ebXML Payload TN document type. Since I need the bizDoc to update document attribute, which I dont have after invoking the wm.ip.ebxml.MSH:sendUsingTPA service. I am trying to do the following.

Invoke service with the message id, then invoke the service Get the internal document id from the result and invoke to get the biz doc.


When I invoke the createDocumentQuery and documentQuery services straight away after invoking the sendUsingTPA service, the result always comes as blank.

When I wait for 2 sec and then invoke createDocumentQuery and documentQuery then it works fine.

I dont want to put a thread.sleep in the code. As 2 sec might be enough for dev, but under load I might need to wait longer.

Does anybody know a better way of getting the biz doc from the message id.


I have got round this problem by publishing the message id with the attributes and data I want to update.

I have a trigger service subscribing to the document. When the service is invoked and it does not get the internal TN document id invoking the createDocumentQuery and documentQuery services. I use the trigger retry mechnism to exceute the service again after 3 sec. It does the trick.