WMTN and WMEDIINT pkg missing in Webmethods IS server 9.5


In 9.5 webmethods, one of the IS server instance is not having WMTN and WMEDIINT pkg aftr the installation. Please suggest how to get them.

This should be installed via SAG installer. WmEDI and WmEDIINT comes under e-Standards section. Kindly run the installer and select the components.

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WmTN is the main package of the TradingNetworks component and is a prerequisite for WmEDI and WmEDIINT.

So please make sure you have them licensed correctly and are able to download the appropriate installation components.

If you are able to create an installation image, then do so and use this one for all installations.
This makes sure that you have all the components available without having to download them for each installation separately.

Mahesh is right with his suggestions.


Hi ,

Thanks for the reply. But if i need only WMTN package to be installed which is missing right now how shoudl i proceed?

Install TN server component and run the DCC for TN component. TN console is deprecated from version 9.0 and above make sure you have MWS and MWS user interfaces installed and configured.

This will do it.

Nanduru – When you have the same in other IS instances how come you are not knowing missing of these in one of the IS instances ? Is this in your local or in Org system ?