WmSamples goes tutorial

Can u help me where can I find webMethods Developer Tutorial, esp. goes tutorial in wmSamples ?




It will be in the Developer installation folder yourdrive:\Developer/doc folder or get it from Advantage.webmethods.com for all WM related tutorials.

Regarding WmSamples package there is no documentation detail for this,basically you have to dig the code and understand the functionality.This package will comes with WM standard installation.


Thanks for answer. I’m asking cause comments in WmSamples- goes, defines documentation to example as “webMethods Developer Tutorial” and there is no file like this, even i didn’t find any information about “goes” in /Developer/doc/… I’ll try to check advantage(bookshelf and knowledge base).

The main tutorials of Developer/doc folder are

yes download from Advantage it is fast.


I think I’m facing the same issue.

My situation is; I’ve downloaded 7.1 wmSamples package from Advantage and I’m reading wM Developer Tutorial 4.6. In this tutorial it mentioned about the “tutorial” folder in the package. But I don’t see “tutorial” folder in the 7.1 wmSamples package.

Why am I reading “wM Developer Tutorial 4.6” when I’m using/learning Developer 7.1? I read somewhere in this forum that 4.6 tutorial still applies for 7.1 if I wanted to learn wM Developer. Can someone help how can I learn 7.1 by samples/tutorial?