wMOptimize Datasource in Aris to get data from Optimize - Authorization Error


I am trying to get Optimize KPI Data and use it into ARIS Mashzone through wM Optimize Datafeed.

As per my understanding, ARIS’ Wm Optimize data feed invokes “pub.optimize.mashzone.adapter:retrieveData” service of WmOptimize package and this service internally invokes webServices of Analytical Engine ( http://server:12503/services/dataAccess ). Correct me if I am wrong here.

I tried to reload datasource in Mashzone datafeed, but it is not retrieving any information and thus I am unable to configure columns in datafeed.

Then I tried to invoke the URL through browser:

Here I am getting below error:

Unexpected error occurred while extracting data from the Optimize Analytic Engine.
code localName: Exception reasons @lang: *body: [ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: Unauthorized node: http://server:port/invoke/pub.optimize.mashzone.adapter/retrieveData?dataType=KPI_INSTANCE_READING&keys=kpiName&values=UsedMemory+by+Integration+Server&operators=equalTo&keys=startDate&values=2013-10-21T00%3A16%3A00%2B0200&operators=greaterThanOrEqualTo&keys=endDate&values=2013-10-21T04%3A16%3A00%2B0200&operators=lessThanOrEqualTo&keys=aggregationInterval&values=ONE_MINUTE&operators=equalTo&logicalOperator=AND role: http://server:port/invoke detail lastError $errorDump: com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: [ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: Unauthorized at pub.clientimpl.wssClient(clientimpl.java:3117) at pub.clientimpl.soapClient …

Here the problem looks like I am not able to authenticate Analytic Engine’s web services.

Then I directly tried running service “pub.optimize.mashzone.adapter:retrieveData” from designer but I still got same authorization error.( I was using Administrator creds ).

How can we resolve this issue ?

Thanks in advance.

have you configured the wmOptimize package on the integration server you are using to call the service?