WmMonitor package is invisible

Hi team,

WmMonitor package is visible only when i am logged in with Administrator credentials , but when i logged in with my LDAP credentials , i cant see WmMonitor package.
can anyone please guide to resolve the issue.

Thanks in Advance

Admin is super user , You can able to see it when you login it with admin. WmMonitor package is part of the MonitorUser group by default , so you need to assign required user to this MonitorUser groupd in order to view.

/instance/default/package/ mainfest.v3 files will give the package ListACL configured.

custom or some other package in IS


You should add your user or group or Role in Monitor ACL in Security ACL Page

Can you share how you connected your IS to your MWS/LDAP please?

Did you activate the option in WmMonitor admin page to include the administrators into the Monitor Users ACL?
This will be performed upon next reload of the package after activating it.

Addendum to Farid:
Please check the MonitorUser, MonitorAdministrators etc. in MWS Admin additionally.



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