Data level security issue

Dear colleagues,

 We recently received the request to grant view access in MWS to only specific processes. Therefore, we enabled the data level security option on the home page of the package WmMonitor and set access to all processes. services and documents for the My webMethods Administrators role and afterwards we restarted the IS and MWS. 

The problem now is that we as administrators cannot access the Process Instances view on MWS. In the server log we can see below entry:

at com.webmethods.bpo.common.dls.SecurityManagerProxy.getDLSForUser(
[26279]2018-04-10 12:33:19 CEST [MON.0119.0000E] Failure retrieving permissions for user [] from [:]: com.webmethods.bpo.common.dls.QueryTypeException: Failed to bind to endPoint: /services/command/getqueryobjectviewsforprincipal_wm_bpo_queryobject?wsdl and interface: interface com.webmethods.bpo.common.service.dls.Igetqueryobjectviewsforprincipal_wm_bpo_queryobjectPortType: could not bind to path: /services/command/getqueryobjectviewsforprincipal_wm_bpo_queryobject?wsdl

Do you have any ideas what might be the issue?

Our system details:

Build Date: 2017-06-16
Installed Fixes: SBPPortal_9.9.0_Fix7


Updates TNS_9.9_Fix5
Build Number 102

Thank you in advance,


is Optimize involved here?

If so, you need to allow the Analytics Engine to use DLS as well.

Additionally make sure that your user is definitely in the “My webMethods Administrators” Role.

Please check for fixes for Monitor and Monitor UI if there have been any issues related to DLS.

Is the MWS correctly configured in the WmMonitor config as well as in the SAML-Resolver URL in IS Admin UI under Settings → Resources?