wMMD: building with custom name

Hi all,
how can I - for example for publishing purposes - “multibuild” a project while giving it another name?

For example, how can I create an android build for the nativeUIDemo that has a name different than nativeUIDemoG1EN?


Hi David,

The general naming format for the builds is driven by the “project.jarname.format” property in the root build.xml for any project. In our examples, this tends to be of the form “@PROJECT@@HANDSET@@LANGGROUP@”, so you end up with names like you mentioned. This is referenced in section 5.8 of our docs, and you can change it as you see fit.

Also in the docs it notes that you can override this general naming for any individual handset as well, if you so wish. To do this, you can set a general property (outside any Ant targets) of the form “project.jarname.format.override.” and this will be used in place of the general naming structure for that one handset.