Static images (PNGs) not displaying after multi-build

Hi Mobile Insiders,

Have put together a simple application that uses local/static images (_bedrock__compiled_resources_) as well as images obtained from online (http calls). Although everything works under Phoney once deployed to the Android simulator (Platform 1.6, API Level 4) the static images do not display at all whereas the http based images display fine - any takers on what could be causing this and how to resolve it? Is there perhaps an XML config that needs to be tweaked to include my PNGs in the build?

For extra points - how would one go about changing the name of the application displayed under Android as well as the default Bedrock icon (would like to change it to something custom).

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i solved that with the images having an specific folder for each target device in my “multi-build” selection.

The app name can be changed in the defaults.xml file.

And I believe (i have not tried myself) the icon is taken from the folder “resources/icon”…

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Thanks Javier!

Your tip works a treat - even got the bonus points.

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If you have common assets, you can always change the way the
ResourceHandler works - that a simple Java class in each project too and
can be modified pretty simply. You’ll notice different projects do
different things in here.

The app name can be changed in the defaults.xml file.

Just to let everyone know, we’ll be changing this in the new version of
Mobile Designer so they can all run off the one property, not requiring
3 separate properties to define the same thing,