Icons in different target platforms

I am trying to put application icon for iPhone in existing application and not having much of success.
I know this is working in the samples but I am wondering what is the minimum to do if starting from scratch.
This is a little bit of a black box for me.
Here are the questions I am facing:

  1. Do I need IOS_Apple_iPhone folder in resources
  2. Do I need to put icons there or they can exist anywhere in resources.
  3. How can I modify my build scripts to specify where are my icons.
  4. Where to see the exact icon names and sizes for different iOS versions / screens
  5. Do I need to have class extending ResourceHandler doing something with icons and do I speciify somewhere in build scripts that I have or do not have such a class.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Hi Veselin,
Which images are loaded from which folders is controlled by the ResHandler class.
The sizes of the icons you’ll need for the different devices is defined in the property project.jar.midlet.icon.spec in the profile file in the <MOBILE_DESIGNER>/Devices/… folder. In the ResHandler it is defined where the icons are taken from, by default from the resources/icons folder.

Hope this helps,