WmEDIsamples - WMFLatFileSamples - WmSamples -> Where are this packages?


Anyone knows where I can find these packages (WmEDIsamples, WMFLatFileSamples, WmSamples) to Webmethods 8.0?
I only found these packages to 6.5 version.

I need these packages to complete configuration.

Thank you!

hai check this out for 8.x versions. If you have any for 8.x versions share it to me. This file is large in size to iam unable to upload it. check this link!337&authkey=!AOTm7iJcE3jGPhY&ithint=folder%2Cv3


Hi Cezar,

Samples are (as the name indicates) just samples and are not required for productive configuration to successully install and run the IS.
If your are worried about the error messages in the server.log, you can either ignore them or reduce the log level of the IS.

Did you have a look at the Samples section of the community?

Custom implementation should never use services etc. from Samples directly, but adopt the implementation to your own code.
Exceptions might be WmTransformationServices and PSUtilities.
The later one (PSUtilities) is currently under way to be integrated into WmPublic from wM 9.x onwards.