WmDeployer - java.lang.NullPointerException

WmDeployer : v6.5

During the creation of build, the project properties are :
IS & TN Option - Suspend During Deployment :

Hi Isabelle,

Can you check if you have any adapter services/connections included in your deployment?

Also you can check the complete stack trace of the error in your error log and that can give some clue.


Hi Deepa,

In the deployment, there are JDBC Adapter, schedulers and triggers.
The scheduler were desactived during the deployment but not the trigger.


This can also happen when there is no package version or if there are broken links / missing references in the flows.

In any case it is not really random there is something missing somewhere in the package or in something the package references. Somtimes it is obvious and sometimes a little difficult to track down. Look for yellow question marks in the dependency check also.


Thanks you for yours responses and yours helps.


I experienced a similar issue, and also noticed I was not able to access any packages in ISADMIN>PACKAGES>MANAGMENT. We restarted the IS and I was able to deploy with no errors.

I see this error most often when deploying Connections, adapters and the like.

I have also seen this error in conjunction with locked items.