wmdb or jdbc adapter


As a general question, which database access module you use/recommend?

Which are WmDB vs JdbcAdapter pros and how to choose the most fitted?

Are you using other/custom database adapters?



WmDB is deprecated long time…recommend use WmJDBCAdapter and it is still supported.

Hi rmg

we have migrated long time to JdbcAdapter. I think at the time we’ve migrated from 4.6 to from 6.5 WmDB was not supported anymore.

Recently we start working with 9.x and, to my surprise, I saw that WmDB package is again available. I suppose they have some improvements to justify this revival.

Or maybe there are some features where WmDB may e usefull…

As for now we are trying to enhance the way we use database connections so I am trying to understand if there is some value on WmDB that could be use, even as a concept for the future implementations


No it available all versions (with Deprecated).

When you can use is unless WmJDBCAdapter is not supporting very old SQL version and some custom stuff then you have a use case for WmDB in theory: :smiley: