Why use WmDB?

Hello evry one

I was going thru the wmDB users guide,wmusers search and wasn’t able to find the reason as to why we specifically need WmDB package as opposed to using the regular JDBC Adapter.
One reason i know(from my developing experience) is that WmDB and services written around it are normally used to load huge data i.e. table replications having thousands and millions of records etc . But the basic question i am having is do we really need to use webMethods WmDB services to do such things as opposed to using some other ETL tools ?
The reason why i came accross it now is we got a requirement to replicate few tables that are having like 5 million rows alltogether.And one of our team member wrote some java services(around WmDB package) that basically copies,moves the data over.I may end up using those(as per company’s policy) but before that i just want to know whether doing so is the right approach?


WmDB package is deprecated, that’s one of the reasons to avoid using it ( it might dissapear without any further warning).

However with such number of rows, maybe the best option would be create stored procedures and call them from JDBC adapter.


Thanks for the reply.I agree with you that they are other options for this approach like stored proc as you suggested .But is there a specific reason as to why WmDB package and services are there in first place(regardless of depreciation)
I am just chasing around the specific use of WmDB.Is it becz by using WmDB package we can build custom java services around it as opposed to using webMethods provided JDBC Adapters?


I don’t think WmDB is deprecated. There was talk about it some time back but I think it is still officially supported.

WmDB predates the JDBC adapter. It used to be the mechanism for reading/writing database tables. WmDB still exists because removing it would be too much of an issue for existing customers.

IMO, there is no reason to use WmDB instead of the JDBC adapter other than legacy support. I usually recommend that all new work use the JDBC adapter. I’m usually wary when someone wants to create Java services to interact with a DB. There usually is no reason to do so.

Well it looks like WmDB was deprecated in favor of JDBC adapter, but as reamon points out the removal of this package due legacy code was a big issue for many people already using it, and was placed back as “regular”.

The IS built-in services guide states:

Answer is yes, JDBC adapter also provides you services to be used in your code.

If you are starting a new development this should be enough reason for not using WmDB and use JDBC adapter ones instead.

Thanks all for your inputs